Davik USA's, grab'n go carry handle.

Why an adhesive taped carrying handle?

Advantages and benefits are:

Cost savings

  • Packaging with Davik USA’s grab’n go carry handles are a cost competitive alternative to other current packaging options.
  • The convenient carry handle can reduce number of damaged packages on store shelf.
  • Proudly manufactured and shipped from the USA versus overseas.

Printing & Advertising

  • Ability to print on the handle for local market account messaging or promotional branding and messaging.
  • Effective tool to promote brand equity via print of logo or bar codes.
  • Clear adhesive does not impose or affect brand graphics.


  • Grab’n go packaging to increase in-store purchases via improved packaging portability.
  • Handle allows for easy carrying while reducing breakage on mishandled registered shrink film packages.

Environmentally Conscious

  • More sustainable ecological solution reducing the need for plastic bags at check out.
  • No need to cut or tear handle like other packaging solutions that create animal entanglement.